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The National Digital Link Cisar CisarNet (, is an ambitious project that is joining much of the italian region via a backbone digital technology wifi connections to 2.4 and 5.7 GHz, which allows experimentation for radio amateur and any use if needed in an emergency to coordinate and support relief efforts. In addition to the National Voice Link is one of the main resources that the association Cisar gives available to the Department of Civil Protection, through the association RNRE (Group National Emergency Communications,, a member of the National Volunteer and which is Cisar one of the founder members. Complete Guide Line documentation (in Italian) could be found on the Cisar RadioWiki pages at At the moment are fully monitored more than 50 devices wireless linked, routing dynamically via OSPF more then 80 Cisar networks. Other 276 networks of are known by connecting other gateway via Internet access.

History and Awards

The National Digital Link was started by a group led by Giorgio Pagan, IW3IBG, after the first positive experiments in connecting WiFi devices on long range distances. Basically, Giorgio's idea was to emulate the same concepts of the older National Voice Link (analog) project, based on UHF technology, which consisted in interconnecting several repeaters on ordser to to have a wireless coverage of all the national territory. An important target was aimed in the June of 2007, when the group led by Paolo Presenti IK0PCJ connected Amiata mount in Tuscany to Limbara mount in Sardinia; in this way, we deserved the world record of radio amateur permanent wireless link of 304 Km at 5.7 Ghz with handmade aerials. You can find more information (in italian) about the wireless distance record at ( In April 2011 CisarNet project received a nomination for the final phase of ComputerWorld Honors Program 2011, occorring the 20th of June in Washington DC (U.S.A.) and where IW0SAB Renzo Rossi (Manager of CisarNet WiFi) rappresented CISAR and received a medal during the cerimony. You can find further information on the offical site of ComputerWorld Honors Award Program [1]. If you are interested, you can read the CisarNet WiFi project description presented to the Program at the official site of CISAR [2] and the related news about the nomination published on the italian portal of ComputerWorld [3]

Wireless Technology

All the CisarNet project is vendor indipendent; any kind of applied solution privileged this specific choice. At the moment, we have been using Mikrotik, Ubiquity, D-Link and Linksys. On the lastone, we privileged OpenWRT firmware with Quagga extension for OSPF implementation.

2.4 Ghz devices

Mikrotik, LinkSys WRT54GL

5.7 Ghz devices

Mikrotik RouterBoard 433, 411 e PC Engines Alix

System Infrastructure

Differently from other experiences, the CISAR group tried to establish a whole infrastructure, made by not only wireless links, but also management and monitoring services in order to guarrantee the right level of quality and availability. On the top of this infrastructure, CISAR is activating several services, from voice and video over IP, DSTAR support and conferencing systems. All the servers are running on virtual VMWare ESXi environment (free), and are based on GNU/Linux Operating System (CentOS distribution). The activation of the dynamic routing protocol OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), has permitted to obtain an high level of overall availability and has candidate the Cisar Digital Network to be the natural solution for digital communication in emergency situations.

CisarNet connection policy

The above infrastructure permits any radio amateurs to connect to the CISAR Digital Networks, without requiring credentials or digital signature. This "guest" access is totally free, fully automatic, broadcasting wireless SSID, assigning DHCP IP address, DNS server IP address with DDNS record update, and easy to try. On the other hand, all the installation fully compliant with the Guide Line becomes integration part of the backbone of the CisarNet.

Published services

The most used service published via CisarNet infrastructure is the live map monitoring that can be found at We published via Google Map the real time status of all the devices being part of the CISAR Digital Network. On the same web page, you can find the Link to the LogView application where everyone can check the log messages of all devices for first level of debugging and checking. This kind of services are accessible from Internet too and other published services are available only from inside CisarNet. The lastone added service is about Voice over IP project, based on Asterisk/Askotia server, that permit you to monitor the presence status of all VoIP hardware devices, including softphone (most common is 3Cx SIP client software).

IP Addressing Plan

CisarNet as private network mapped to IP addresses

CisarNet is considered as a private network using class A IP addressing plan The second digit mean the province and there are other indications for subnetting all the class B networks in /24, /28 and /30 subnets, depending on the use (LANMIX, Wireless Point-to-Point, Wireless Point-to-Multipoint, Tunnel VPN).

CisarNet and supported networks of

All the are transported in native mode (no Network Address Translation is performed) in all Cisar Digital Networks, permitting the full compliance to directives. Networks and networks are fully routed inside CisarNet.

CisarNet and Internet

To be compliant to Italian Law (Codice delle Comunicazioni e Decreto Pisanu), connection from CisarNet to Internet is only possible for radio amateurs aims. DSTAR devices connect to CisarNet are contacting XReflector linked to Internet.

CisarNet, and other project's networks interfacing

Interfacing CisarNet to

CisarNet is fully compliant to directives. Cisar group is maintaining a Cisco gateway con connect all networks directly to CisarNet, by means of 3 classes C IP address directly allocated inside italian IP space of Below the information directly estracted by IW2OHX Marco's documentation (, italian coordinator of addresses.

Responsabile per le sottoreti del Progetto "Link Digitale CISAR":
IW0SAB - e-mail:
226.0 Progetto "Link Digitale CISAR": <descrizione>
NETADDRESS = DNS PRIMARIO = [attualmente assente]
BROADCAST = DNS SECONDARIO = [attualmente assente]
227.0 Progetto "Link Digitale CISAR": <descrizione>
NETADDRESS = DNS PRIMARIO = [attualmente assente]
BROADCAST = DNS SECONDARIO = [attualmente assente]
228.0 Progetto "Link Digitale CISAR": <descrizione>
NETADDRESS = DNS PRIMARIO = [attualmente assente]
BROADCAST = DNS SECONDARIO = [attualmente assente]
Le subnet di cui sopra sono pubblicate nel sistema encap (Ampr Gateways):
Subnets: 44.134.226/24, 44.134.227/24, 44.134.228/24
Gateway Area: Italy
Maintained by: Renzo Rossi (IW0SAB)
Notes: This system is connected to ther Cisar "Italian Digital Network"
For more details, please visit:

From October 2011 assigned the new subnet 44.208/16 to CisarNet Project. Abstract from

44.208/16	Italy CisarNet	Cisar Association          
				IW5CGM Giuseppe Misuri
				IW0SAB Renzo Rossi
				IW2OHX Marco Di Martino

Abstract from

Sent By: "" <>
Subnets: 44.208/16
Gateway to: 44.208/16
Gateway area:  44.208/16 Gubbio, Umbria, ITALY
Maintained by: Giuseppe Misuri IW5CGM, Renzo Rossi IW0SAB , Marco Di Martino IW2OHX
Run by:  Cisar Gubbio Sezione "Fausto Regni"
Notes:  The system supports the project "CisarNet" of CISAR Association
Last Update: Thu Oct  6  2:18:05 2011

Interfacing CisarNet to other project's networks

It's working from Septmeber 2010 the wireless direct connection from CisarNet to HamNet (via Alps between Italia and Austria). Thanks to Tobias IW3BRC and to the coordinator of HamNet project Jann DG8NGN. Other contacts are in progress with Spain and Croatia. We could accept wireless connection (see most suitable on the map or via Internet Tunnel (IPIP, GRE, OpenVPN or DMVPN) by means of our Internet public gateway.


For further information please contact by e-mail the manager of CisarNet IW0SAB Renzo Rossi (renzorossi [at]

Who's CISAR Association (brief)

The Cisar Association (Italian Center for Radio Amateurs Experimentation,, founded in Rome in 1981, is one of the main Italian associations that attract thousands of amateur members throughout the country, with about 50 sections. The president of CISAR Association is Giuseppe Misuri (IW5CGM) of Arezzo, while the headquarters of the association is in Mestre (Venice). It is known in Italy and abroad mainly for two important projects, the National Voice Link and the National Digital Link, which allow you to connect simultaneously to Amateur Radio over most of the country, with a backbone radio links in UHF (430 Mhz) and WiFi Access (2.4 and 5.7 Ghz) which crosses the peninsula and that it can be used with simple hand-held radio devices also. Important Experimentation has been conducted with emerging radio amateur technology DSTAR. All these systems are useful for testing their normal activities of amateur radio operators, have proven crucial in the management of relief activities in an emergency situation.

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