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Working Group

Nominativo E@mail
IW0QLT Massimo Paffi iw0qlt (at)
IW0SAB Renzo Rossi renzorossi (at)
IW3IBG Giorgio Pagan iw3ibg (at)
IK0PCJ Paolo Presenti ik0pcj (at)
IW4ELL Dario Guidetti guidar99 (at)
IW6BFE Arrio Antonelli iw6bfe (at)
IW7DZR Giacomo De Angelis giacomodeangelis (at)
IW3ROW Mauro Olivieri maurool (at)
IW0RED Marco Brunozzi marco.brunozzi (at)

Distribution List: vocoder (at)

Starting Point

Radio Interface

Most of VHF/UHF transceivers include a special connection to and from the radio via the DATA connector wich is a 6 pin MINIDIN wich supplies the RX output, the TX input and PTT signal. The connector has 2 data output pin from FM discriminator for 1200 and 9600 bps

DSTAR Specification

AMBE 2020

Voice Codec

DVI Ambe2020

Open Speex

Hardware Modules

Software Modules

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